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The Prologue

I - The Bottom of Heaven - a nigger joke

1 -"How they came to be where they were. A nigger joke"

2 - Inversions : "the bottom of heaven" + "they could look down on the white folks"

II - A Black community

1 - The bottom is now being metamorphosed into a socially desirable locale ("still, it was lovely up in the Bottom") > inversion

2 - The demolition of the Bottom : an improvement?

3 - The destruction of a joyful community in spite of the poverty

III - Stakes and narration

1 - "wondering what Shadrack and Sula were all about" > suspense

2 - "wondering what they themselves were all about" > the community is herself a character

3 - The circularity of Morrison’s narrative

The National Suicide Day

I - Shadrack, an important character

1 - Shadrack and Sula

2 - The NSD, a way to fight his own fear of dying unexpectedly

3 - Shadrack’s behaviour and its limits

II - The importance of the NSD on the black community

1 - Reactions of the community

2 - Religious tone and officiality of "the charter"

3 - Death and fertility

The Train Episode

I - A typical scene of racism

1 - Insulted and humiliated by the white conducter despite her clothes

2 - Helene acts like a child and loses her self-control

3 - The animosity of the black passengers

II - Nel’s point of view

1 - Both ashamed and pleased her mother collapses

2 - Nel resolves to build herself according to her own rules

Plum’s death

I - The relationship between Eva and Plum

1 - Plum turns back into baby and Eva becomes the young mother again

2 - Eva and her sacrifices

3 - Love and violence

II - A narration in the continuity of the book

1 - A death expected but with nothing clearly said about

2 - A poetic description [elements (water, fire, air) + the eagle’s metamorphose]

3 - An aspect of problems in black communities during this periode

Chicken Little’s death

I - First experience in death

1 - The death’s anticipation – not really mentionned - like the others

2 - The end of innocence and their youthful feelings of invincibility

II - Nel and Sula’s reactions

1 - More preoccuped by the witness than the dead child and afraid of being blamed

2 - This moment is the moment they are the closest - a common secret

Sula’s death

I - A life linked with death

1 - She reminds herself all the death she witnesses (by water, fire, air...)

2 - A metaphoric description (The window)

3 - A broken friendship

4 - She became like everyone because she fell in love with Ajax

II - A symbol disapearence

1 - She is a catalyst > All the bad things are focussed on her, so the community can stay alive

2 - Shadrack renouces to the National Suicide Day when he lost Sula > He couldn’t keep his promise to watch over her ("always")

3 - She dies and the black community’s

4 - Lost frienship. Waste of her identity while her feelings for Ajax are reaveled

Nel’s new awareness

I - Relation between Eva and Nel

1 - Eva’s "confusion" between Nel and Sula (accusation)

2 - Eva refuse to go to the cemetery to "visit" Sula

3 - A kind of mother/daughter relation

II - Sudden awareness of Sula’s importance

1 - Nel is the only one who go to the cemetery to see Sula (and that’s her who called the hospital when she discovered her).

2 - Shadrack, like a revealer, releases Nel’s new awareness

3 - Kind of whispers in the wind (maybe Sula) + recovered Friendship + Nel’s cries

III - The key extract for the whole book comprehension

1 - Dust, whispers, spores which make us understand the Meaning of the Grey Ball extract

2 - Comprehension of the real guilty people of the story, Sula isn’t so much as we could think before > And that is what Nel realizes with Shadrack’s help

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