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 1.    Use passages and characters from the novel to illustrate how Morrison incorporates the principles and ideals of feminism.

 2.    Do any characters change drastically from the beginning of the novel to its end? If so, which ones? Describe their transformations, citing examples from the text to support your answer.

 3.    Discuss how Nel’s grief at the end of the story is, in reality, more for herself than for the death of Sula.

 4.    Explain the significance of symbols and omens to the development of the novel’s plot.

 5.    Discuss Morrison’s use of inverted world order in the novel.

 6.    Illustrate how the motif of fire and water is threaded throughout the novel.

  7.    Typical of Morrison’s talent is her ability to weave a magical and musical web of language around an incident of horror. List at least five examples from the novel that illustrate this technique.

 8. What are some possible reasons for Eva's decision to kill Plum? How was the act both one of sacrifice and selfishness? How do her actions address the ambiguous blessings of a mother's strong love for her children?
 9. What is the significance of Hannah's comment that she doesn't like Sula although she loves her?
 10. How does the community define Sula after her return to the Bottom? What is ironic about their attitude toward her?
 11. Why is it odd that Eva criticizes Sula's unconventional life when Sula returns to the Bottom after a ten year absence? What are some possible reasons for her criticism?
 12. In the Prologue, Morrison describes the changes taking place in the Bottom as rich whites move into the area. How does her description imply that things are not what they appear to be on the surface?
 13. What important theme in Sula does Shadrack represent?
 14. What is the possible symbolic significance of Eva's missing leg? How does it tie into the theme of deceptive appearances in Sula?
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