A painful case, James Joyce

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This is a short story.
Action takes place in Dublin; Main character: James Duffy
He's single, morose, saturnine+ no ambition. He's incapable of meaning ful interaction: a pathetic figure, victim ofpu his emotional paralysis.
->tidy to the point of mania.
->monotony, austerity of his house, lonelyless and dull life

Other character: Sinico: married, middle-aged woman, honest (open about her marital status)-> Her caracterization belies any cynicism at first reading, the reader could believe that she's cynical, because of her defiant aspect, yet her behaviour belies it.
She's very lonely, so is Mr Duffy. As a consequence their two solitudes meet and they bring a degree of hapiness to one another.

=two music lovers, rafined and tasteful. Intimacy on the intellectual level+ symbol of darkness

+Ireland is depicted as a moribund country.

the bill (GB)=the check (US): l'addition
tip=graduity=le pourboire
bill of fare= menu
minimum wage= salaire minimum
appetizer= entrée
main course= plat principal
doggy bag= emballage des restes
sweets= candies
a remorseful mother= une mère rongée par le remords
an armful= une brassée
to mislead= fourvoyer
to dismissed= éliminer, évacuer
to entangle= se mêler, tisser
soulmates= âmes soeurs
remote= distant
single= alone= seul
bland= dull= terne, ennuyeux
fate= destin
saturnine= ténébreux
a void= un vide
intemperate= alcoholic
shameful= honteux
willed isolation= isolation volontaire
double-edged= deux versants
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